Healthcare Staffing Agencies – Secrets To Finding Your First Client

Here is a simple technique you can use when starting a healthcare staffing agency with the intent of finding clients. This technique can be used if you are either beginning as an entrepreneur or are an existing staffing agency wishing to move into the healthcare staffing industry.Everybody loves to receive gifts, I have never met someone who will say no to a simple gift. A simple gift can be a cup of coffee, a coffee cup, pens, a nice novelty gift or anything within that realm.

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What you do is make a list of direct mailers. Mail them to a select group of clients you are wishing to contact. Make sure you pre-screen the facility and determine the current need.How do you determine the current staffing need? Simple! Look online and go to the job sites and type in the facility name. You will probably see there current placement need. Use that information to your advantage. Perhaps even custom design the mailer to focus on the needs of each facility.Mail them the mailers and wait a couple of days. Then visit the facilities and drop on in with gifts to give both the gatekeepers and the manager. Make sure you are speaking to the decision makers in reference to who determines the use of outside agencies.

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When you visit the facility and speak to the decision makers, address the mailer, this helps break the ice and identifies you. They may or may not have read the mailer, in the event they did, it only helps your cause.

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