Digital Signage – Useful Technology

All manner of industry and trade can and do use Digital signage to attract attention to themselves. Take the classic case of the retail industry for example. They set up in-store digital media networks which enable customers to get exposure to targeted advertising, touch screen interface, product information programming, and so on.This process is also very useful in making information known to specific groups. Universities, schools, corporate training centers use these to provide information about faculty, academic events schedule, sports events and so on.The transportation industry can use this technology by way of installing interactive kiosks for tickets, directions, reservations, flight or train arrival or departure information, and so on. Hospitality industry constituents, such as hotels, resorts, casinos, night clubs, and bars use this technology to communicate important messages to their guests and patrons.

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Hospitals, doctors’ offices and other healthcare facilities use signage to communicate vital information to the patients pertaining to the facilities, preventive health programming and so on. In fact almost any organization would benefit from using this technology. Advertising through digital signage has some inherent benefits, which are something like this:
o These are times of fleeting attention spans where holding someone’s attention has become impossible. People hardly have time to watch television, much less the ads shown on them. Thus this techno is a powerful alternative, where customized content across a variety of digital displays exposes the audience to a much more interactive and dynamic interface with the advertiser.
o An indoor signage advertising system works beautifully in areas of high footfalls, such as lobbies, parking centers, escalators, window displays and so on. Choosing the right location is of paramount importance here.
o Outdoor signage on the other hand is a wonderful opportunity to catch moving pedestrian and automobile traffic. Additionally it enables nighttime advertising. That apart the messaging can be changed on demand and in real time reflecting a current event or happening. Advertise breakfast foods in the morning and restaurants at night!

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The range of equipment related to this technology, is quite extensive. In the main, it consists of LED digital signage, plasma displays, LCD displays, digital signage hardware, digital kiosks and digital billboards. Considering that it requires so much of technology to be used, it is important that the firm one engages is well equipped and trained to do the job. For they not only have to consult the client on the best possible, solution, but also install the equipment and train the client in its use. Apart from that, they also have to keep the client within budget. Moreover they need to provide adequate repair and service facilities long after the equipment has been installed.

Crown Jewel Care in Healthcare

Clinicians today face intense competition for consumers’ health care dollars from a multitude of sources. At the end of the day, a successful practice has one important quality to leverage: an outstanding customer experience. Providers in any setting can use this to become more competitive and service their current clients more effectively at the same time.The best way to begin is to perform an internal study of your practice–identify the strengths that highlight the weaknesses of others. When you commit to embracing and promoting the key attributes that set you apart, you can create a successful, “crown jewel” practice, withstanding any competition.Before the VisitEven before a patient walks in your door, consider how visible your practice is in the community. Fortunately, enhancing visibility doesn’t have to be expensive. Get your name out by:

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Joining the local chamber of commerce or other business organizations.
Writing a guest column in the local newspaper, submitting press releases, offering guest lectures, or sponsoring local events to obtain free media exposure
Enhancing your web presence by optimizing your website with key search terms and remaining current with your social media.
Regularly checking whether your pertinent details are listed on managed care sites-address, contact information, providers and treatment specialties. When a patient searches services through insurance websites, your practice has a better chance of being displayed.
During the VisitOnce your patients are in the door:
Enforce proactive systems to collect insurance information to verify coverage for services.
Discuss financial responsibilities with patients to help alleviate concerns, and present different payment options.
Offer patients customized billing services, such as electronic statements, and e-mail/text message appointment reminders for their convenience.
Educate patients on the value of skilled care. When patients understand the value, they’re more likely to remain compliant.
After the VisitThe key to success of any customer retention program is to find the best way to reach your target market; some patients may respond better to one form of communication than others:
Make yourself more accessible to patients as educational resource post-treatment. In the age of the Internet, consumers have more access than ever to health care information. However, it may not always be credible, and can create a considerable gap into which clinicians can step in. Ensure patients understand they can contact you by e-mail, phone or even text messages.
Implement a customer retention program. Send a birthday card, a personal note inquiring on the patient’s status, or clinic news.
Personal e-mail addresses are a great way to begin e-mail campaigns, assuming patients have opted in to receive e-mail marketing.

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Bringing it All TogetherClinicians have many unique opportunities to set their practices apart. Start with a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), to lay the groundwork for setting yourself apart in the minds of consumers.By highlighting the attributes that make you stand out, you can truly become a crown jewel destination for care.

Private Practice Marketing – Creating A User Friendly Healthcare Website

In September 2006, a Harris Interactive Wall Street Journal Online Poll asked about access to online services for communicating with doctors. The poll found 74% would like the ability to communicate with their doctor by email. And, given the choice, 62% would choose the doctor who could communicate with them by email.In contrast, only 8% said they knew their doctor communicates with patients by email. Of those 4% used it, and 4% did not. While 73% said it wasn’t available, only 19% didn’t know if it was available.From this poll, patients appear more sophisticated with the Internet than many doctors suspect. A search uncovered articles as far back as 1998 suggesting practices need websites now.Your website may not be ready for email communication–yet. Staffing, security, confidentiality, and legal issues may need resolved before you can provide email services.

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A website is an important marketing tool. It’s not free, but is relatively inexpensive. And with the amount of information you can provide on a website, definitely cost-effective.Your website is your virtual office, open 24/7. Potential patients can find it when they want. The information is available for reviewing multiple times if needed, and at a time convenient to potential and current patients or clients.Your website can provide contact information, staff biographies and pictures, and the philosophy or mission of your practice. It can provide directions to your office, and even a map link. Directions plus a nice picture of your office can visually aid new clients or patients in locating your office.Links to sites clients or patients can draw clients or patients to look at your website before doing a search. For example if you have many heart patients, a direct link to the American Heart Association is nicer than the patient finding it on a search engine or typing in a long website address (URL).Be sure links you provide are current, as is all the information on your website. If Dr. A retired 6 months ago, be sure your website is up-to-date.An electronic newsletter (ezine) can be available through your website. You may want to grant access to previous issues through your website also. An ezine can provide information including health tips, information about the practice, and upcoming events.

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Some practices grant access to lab results through their website. Be sure to thoroughly explore confidentiality, security, and legal issues before providing this service. Some practices may never be comfortable granting access to results electronically.Retail sales as an additional source of revenue may be another option worth considering for your website.Today is a great day to start thinking about your website, what it can do for you, and how it can be more user-friendly. And, then start building one!Copyright © 2007 Ina Gilmore LLC

Six Sigma and Healthcare: A Case Study

Six Sigma is a set of principles used to improve business practices to reduce the number of defects or undesirable events within an organization. Undesirable events lead to poor customer service and smaller profits. Companies that want to retain customers, possess a competitive advantage, and remain profitable will implement Six Sigma principles in an effort to maintain a certain standard.All types of businesses can benefit from Six Sigma principles. The concept was originally developed under the leadership of Bob Galvin at Motorola. Since this time, major companies, such as General Electric, have utilized the principles of Six Sigma to improve their organizations.Six Sigma has many implications. The healthcare system is one industry that has benefited from the principles. With more efficient business practices, organizations can become more profitable. A closer examination of a case study will illuminate how companies have used Six Sigma principles to improve business practices.

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Case Study of a Not-For-Profit Major Medical CenterThis hospital wanted to reduce the setup between surgical cases and changeover in the inpatient surgery department. Staff noticed that patient care could be improved by increasing the overall efficiency. An efficient operating room (O.R.) would improve patient care, O.R. capacity and physician satisfaction.The Six Sigma leader conducted an analysis of the current practices within the O.R. The analysis revealed areas of waste. Waste is known as MUDA. MUDA limited the hospital’s ability to be responsive to the patient’s and physician’s needs. Spaghetti diagrams, process maps and observation forms are included in the single minute exchange of dies (SMED) process and can help to improve efficiency through analysis.To alleviate some of the problems in the O.R., visual indicators or Color Coding was used to clarify the process. The new business practices and the standardization of changeover processes helped to improve processes. Employees were trained and teams were developed to accomplish this goal according to the guidelines.With training, the O.R. staff reduced the time spent managing the turnover process by 46 percent. The organization also became 60 percent more efficient within the team. Efficiency is the goal of any company attempting to implement Six Sigma best practices.

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Six Sigma best practices can be used in a variety of settings. From software to healthcare, organizations can benefit for Six Sigma methodologies. This case study demonstrates how Six Sigma can be beneficial even in a clinical setting.Six Sigma is Beneficial in HealthcareSix Sigma best practices can be used in a variety of settings. Six Sigma was not traditionally used in healthcare, but the principles translate effectively into clinical settings. Healthcare professionals have more job satisfaction because patients are served more proficiently and the payment cycles are shorter. Six Sigma can be used in an assortment of situations successfully.

Make Your Business Image Shine With Satellite TV

Satellite TV keeps your office informed of trends and changes in the global marketplace, so you can be a leader in today’s business world. Stay on top of the latest developments in financial services and real estate with the news organizations that give you up to the minute information on market changes. See the new trends on entertainment channels such as HGTV, DIY Network, Fine Living, Food Network, and stay ahead of what the “next big thing” will be.Healthcare professionals can see the latest technologies in action on medical shows sprinkled throughout the hundreds of channels on the programming lineup. Real life surgeries and patients’ stories will guide your next equipment investments and staff training in the medical industry.

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Currencies, Commodities, Analyst research, and Consumer Goods and Retail are all ready for viewing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on satellite TV. It’s your resource for accurate and dependable information. There’s much more here than just good entertainment.Although, when the time comes that your office is in need of solid entertaining…satellite TV is ready to deliver! Have any of the parents in your office ever had an emergency situation and needed to bring in a child for the day? What better way to entertain and occupy a young visitor than with ABC Family, The Disney Channel, Animal Planet, or The Science Fiction Channel? Your business will keep running smoothly and “Mr. Mom” will feel great about bringing his young charge in for the day while he gets work done.

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When clients have to bring in kids and teens, your staff can’t be expected to baby-sit or entertain. A satellite television system is perfect when an hour or two is needed to distract the young mind while business is conducted.Your office can benefit by staying abreast of current events in every aspect of business and industry. Plus, offering this service to clients and staff members for the occasional entertainment hour adds luster to your already shining image.

2010 Events on Strokes to Look Forward To

Stroke patients, family members, caregivers, therapists, and physicians have a lot to look forward to this 2010 for events and workshops on stroke prevention, recovery and updates.April-June 2010
The second quarter off with a Comprehensive Stroke Management Update 2010 in Hilton Island, South Carolina for physicians and therapists. Scheduled on April 9-11, 2010, the event aims to review the current best practice to treat and prevent stroke.Caregivers and post-stroke victims in Canada are invited to take part with March of Dimes Canada’s Walk ‘N’ Roll Program on April 9-11, 2010 in Ottawa, Canada. Walk ‘N’ Roll is national fund raising project for peer support group and awareness in partnership with Stroke Recovery Canada.The Month of May honors stroke patients of all ages through the celebration of Stroke Awareness Month and Childhood Stroke Awareness Month. The Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association (CHASA) will hold a series of awareness and fund raising efforts on pediatric stroke to help survivors and their families.

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Caregivers will get the chance to discuss with experts the issues they face in stroke patient recovery during the 4th Annual Survivor and Caregiver Symposium that will be held at the Embassy Suites in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 8, 2010.After this, caregivers can also opt to join the Fearless Caregiver Conference on April 28, 2010 at the Bahia Mar Beach Resort & Yachting Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida or on May 20, 2010 at the Canterbury Inn in Shakopee, Minnesota.The 19th European Stroke Conference will be held on May 25-28, 2010 in Barcelona, Spain to cover important concepts on stroke and will be attended by major companies including Moleac Pte., Ltd, maker of world-proven stroke treatment Neuroaid.While the 1st Canadian Stroke Congress will be held in Quebec, Canada on June 7-8, 2010, where an exchange of ideas and innovation on stroke and recovery is expected to take effect.July-September 2010
Come July 9-11, 2010, physicians will hold a 6th International Stroke Summit in Nanjing, China for updates on stroke and stroke recovery.October-December 2010
The 7th World Stroke Congress on October 13-16, 2010 in Seoul, Korea will be attended by physicians, researchers, therapists and companies, including NeuroAid, who all aim to combat the world-dreaded disease stroke.

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Meanwhile, the 8th Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons, will be held on November 22-24, 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia aimed at neurosurgeons and the exchange of ideas and skills. NeuroAid will also add the to the exchange of information.Finally, the 5th UK Stroke Forum Conference 2010 will be hosted by the Stroke Association of the United Kingdom on November 30-December 2, 2010 in Glasgow, Scotland. The Forum will provide great opportunities between patients and healthcare professionals to share ideas on future services.Events on stroke are good ways to update one’s knowledge on how to prevent stroke, address it, and be updated on new techniques on treatment. This is especially important for those who provide rehabilitation to stroke patients, aside from the stroke patients themselves.

How to Make Extra Income Even While Keeping Your Current Job

There has been a lot of interest in self-employment recently and that is solely because of the current economic crisis which is facing many nations. The financial crisis of 2008 first in the US and then the rest of world has led to a situation where people have become apprehensive regarding their jobs. With massive layoffs becoming almost a daily occurrence, job security is now seen as a thing of the past and people are looking for other ways to supplement their incomes. Sometimes, one can simply start their own home-based business and be able to totally replace their current day job. But many people sometimes feel that they need to learn the ropes of their new business and are therefore not entirely ready to quit their jobs.

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Here are some reasons why some people would rather not quit their jobs just yet1. Learning curve
Any business that you venture into has a learning curve of some sort. That means that you have to learn the business in terms of customers, prices, product description, software and the like. Depending on your individual circumstances, this may take longer for some and this can mean a longer time before they actually start making money. In this case it is recommended that you stay at your job until you are comfortable enough to venture out.2. Benefits
One advantage of day jobs is that they offer benefits especially when one has a family. This may not necessarily be the case with a home business. Before one starts making decent money, they may not have adequate healthcare and other benefits which are readily offered at jobs.The above are some of the reasons why people prefer to stay at their day jobs until they are comfortable enough. So what can you do while you are at your day job to prepare you for eventual transition to a home business?

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While at your current day job, learn all you can about the business you want to get into. This will ensure that you get the correct information and therefore make an informed decision when the time comes for you to launch out.Save
While at your day job, begin setting money aside in an account to be used for the new business. At this juncture the day job affords you a great cushion against any financial hardships that you might encounter in the event that your business is slow to pick up.The issue is to give yourself enough leverage from your current job as possible.

Points to Remember While Choosing a Home Health Care Agency

When one feels the need to keep an ailing loved one at home rather than a healthcare facility one has to make two primary choices. Whether an individual health care taker should be hired or should one contact an agency which offers healthcare services at home. In the light of current events pertaining to crime and misuse, hiring an agency is less risky than hiring an individual, unless the individual is well acquainted to you.Sources to find the right agencyThere is no dearth of information pertaining to home health care agencies. One can refer to search engines on the internet or look up phone directories or contact information providers or get references from the family doctor. But the best way to choose the right agency is to ask people who have utilized home health care agencies as they have first-hand experience. Moreover, if they are recommended they are probably more reliable and good. In the event of not knowing anyone who has availed of home health care services it is best to interview caregivers from a few agencies and shortlist the best.

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Services RequiredAnother important point to keep in mind while choosing an home healthcare agency is to know its range of services and the qualification and expertise of personnel who are executing the services that one requires. In case of specialized health care it imperative for the service agency to first and foremost have personnel who are qualified to undertake the responsibility and secondly who are experienced in the area of that relevant ailment. A thorough screening process is required to be done, especially in the case of serious ailments and a reference from the caregiver’s previous clients should be examined along with the agency’s credentials.How to choose a hassle free agency?Besides taking into consideration word-of-mouth reputation and the services required, one should also consult the insurance company that is going to cover the expenses of the treatment and care. It is more convenient and advisable to contract with an agency which is listed with your insurance company, provided the agency in question offers you what you are looking for. This avoids cumbersome paperwork and complications.

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Other ConsiderationsImportant points to select a home healthcare agency are also to check if the agency has necessary approvals such as Medicare Certification, availability of the right staff for your requirement and details and background checks of staff to be deployed.

Prevention – The Intelligent Healthcare Choice

We all desire to experience good health and a long productive life. Healthcare reform is a subject that provokes tremendous passion for those in favor of and opposed to the measure. There are valid concerns to ponder when considering changing an institution as massive as our healthcare delivery system. However, as we are all aware, healthcare in the United States simply can’t continue in its present state. Our current system excludes approximately 50 million people from receiving any type of health care at all. Many of those not covered are hard working individuals with families and young children who depend upon them. Rising costs have shut others out of the healthcare system, forcing them to make the emergency room their only resort for routine care. Consequently, emergency rooms are now crowded and understaffed in many areas and unable to provide quality emergency care. Additionally, ER’s in many cities are financially strained and some have even closed their doors due to the crushing weight of treating patients for matters that should be addressed in a primary physician’s office. The debate rages on about a single pay system and its associative merits versus our current private pay insurance option. The truth is we already have a combination of private insurance and government sponsored programs. Medicare for the elderly, medicaid for the indigent, and Veteran’s health care for those who have served in the military are all government programs that serve millions of patients each year.

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It is surprising that there has been little dialogue pertaining to the issue of prevention as a viable alternative in the healthcare reform debate. There are so many events in life that are simply beyond our control. For example, terminal illnesses may strike in a random fashion with no reasonable explanation. However, we can choose to not smoke cigarettes or exercise to maintain healthy weight and cholesterol levels. Those are matters in which we all make a choice on a daily basis as it relates to our health. Preventive care can help to control rising healthcare costs and enhance quality of life. Executive pay among private health insurers constitutes a significant portion of escalating healthcare premiums. Why not tie executive pay to the number of patients who maintain healthy lifestyles and undergo screenings to detect serious diseases. Now that is the kind of reform we all can live with. Best of all, everyone wins when good health is the ultimate goal, as affordability becomes a realistic option for millions currently locked out of healthcare. Choice is still at the center of the debate and some will elect to not have health insurance or take preventive measures towards promoting good health. The decision should be left up to the individual – and so should the consequences of that decision.

Contributions From Scholars on Quality Improvement

Quality is not new, but rather it was not a focused weapon until Japan’s business accomplishment after World War II. To contend with Japan’s monetary accomplishment on the planet showcase, Western associations began to discover and adjust different QM change procedures for achievement. I’m certain a large portion of all of you comprehend what quality change implies. It is an efficient way to deal with distinguish and address the open doors. The center guideline behind quality change is that there is an opportunity to get better dependably exists in an association. It can be at business level. It can be at framework level. It can be at process level. It can be even at the general population level.

Numerous scholars added to the theories and techniques which distinguished devices and process for quality change. One can’t without much of a stretch discover the entire rundown of researchers whose commitments have helped us to build up the fundamental standards of value change. Our principle target is to list the names of the real patrons and their commitments. I would surmise that the underneath said Scholars commitment fundamentally helped for Quality change.

Blunt Gilbreth – His hypothesis called “Movement Study” which portrays the change of work strategies which is one of the key standards for quality change.

Henry Ford – I am certain a large portion of all of you know Henry Ford. He was an acclaimed industrialist and the organizer of Ford Motor Company. His idea of “Short process duration” which was later risen the fundamental standards of Lean administration and Just in Time (JIT) generation.

Taichi Ohno – He built up the idea called “End of waste”, the possibility of kanban was another vital idea of Lean Management, JIT and Total Quality Control.

Shigeo Shingo – He built up a hypothesis called “botch sealing”, an underlining deserts counteractive action instrument which can be considered as the root for Total Quality Control (TQC).

Philip Thomas – He presented a procedure change strategy called “Process duration lessening” which is one of the center standards in all Quality change approaches.

Subside Dewhurst and Geoffrey Boothroyd – Both Peter and Geoffrey have built up a deliberate way to deal with item outline called ‘DFMA” which is a capable apparatus to enhance item quality. The center thought behind their approach is to recognize all issues before delivering an item or an administration which is another center standard for quality change.